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Capoeira is a Combination of Sport and Art - article in The International Educator about students at the American School of Sao Paulo, Brazil who learned about the local historical influence by creating their own instruments for the art of Capoeira. The International Educator, April 1999.

SAGE - Scholars and Advocates for Gender Equity Website  created for AERA (American Educational Research Association). Provides links and abstracts on issues related to the latest concerns in gender equity.

LatticeLinking All Types of Teachers to International Cross-Cultural Education brings Lansing area teachers and international educators together once a month to learn from each other.  The group is publishing a book reflecting the developmental experiences and impressions of its members.  Article sent for submission (click on the title below to view full text): Collaborative Efforts Towards Multicultural Education

NAHEI Website - Native American Higher Education Initiative.  Website created to document the development of the initiative since 2000.

Risk and Resilience Website - Factors related to successful outcomes in at-risk children.  Website developed by Betty Murakami-Ramalho and Paul Elam for Dr. Tom Luster, Family and Child Ecology at Michigan State University, Spring 2001.

Globally Mobile: Talking with Ruth Useem and Ann Baker Cottrell About Cross-National Educational Experiences: An adult "third culture kids" (ATCK) perspective from Drs. Ruth Useem and Ann Baker Cottrell “- Education is one thing you cannot seemingly pass on to the kids unless you’re supported by the environment.” – comments Dr. Ruth Useem, in this interview. Article published in the "International Educator" magazine:

/Publications/IE/vol2002-2.htm  (click here the title below to view full text)


How to Prepare for Cross-Cultural Teaching Practices - this paper examines the benefits of preparing to teach abroad, using Stigler & Hiebert idea in  The Teaching Gap that,  "looking across cultures is one of the best ways to see beyond the blinders and sharpen our view of ourselves." Article created for TE 815 - Comparative Analysis in Education, Summer 2001. (click here the title below to view full text):

Change Under Theoretical Analyses - Change can be seen as an eternal revolutionary movement that only a few seem to be prepared to embrace.  This must be due to the fact that it is in the human nature to follow the same rituals in order to avoid change. Paper prepared for Planning Change in K-12 Schools' ( EAD 951B). (click here the title below to view full text):

Policies Influencing American-Sponsored Overseas Schools - Some American-sponsored overseas schools are required to combine the host country and the American educational systems.  What kind of education is really offered at these American schools?  (Click here the title below to see the introduction to this article. This text is not in its full form.  Please write to to request the complete article.)






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