IST 5363 Module Four
last updated 9.12.07
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September 20-27
Question Who are the most successful distant learners?
Objective To describe the characteristics of the distance learner.
Reading Chapter 6
CH 6
Reflect upon your own experience as a distance learner and what you reported in the Experience discussion. As you read about the distance learner, consider the module you are preparing and make a list of issues and strategies that can help you meet the needs of the online learner.
Task 1

Distance Learner Interview (5 pts) Due September 20-27


While you are reading Chapter 6, prepare no more than 4 interview questions for your e-mail interview with a distance learner. Your goal is to discern:

Whether or not the individual has benefited from distance learning and if so, what about distance learning is valued.
• How well suited the learner is to a distance learning environment.
• How distance learning experiences have been designed to support the learning styles needs of the learner.

P. McGee will have a list of interveiwees, although you are welcome to interview anyone outside of UTSA who has taken at least one online course. All of the interviewee volunteers are expecting you to contact them the week of September 17. When you e-mail them for the first time be sure to note that you are "a student in a course taught by Dr. Patricia McGee at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Answers reported in the e-mail exchange will not be archived or reported in any manner outside of class activities." Express your appreciation for their participation. You can follow up the initial responses but be respectful of the volunteer's time.

Post a 150 to 200 word "article" written for a magazine such as "People" to explain the individual about whom you are writing. Post these to the DL Learner Discussion.
Criteria for Assessment
• thoughtful and insightful analysis of interview
• meets length and deadline specifications
• no grammatical or convention errors.
Task 2 Best Practices for DL (10 pts) Due September 30

Designing learning experiences for a distance learning strategy involves many factors. Technology, pedagogy, learner characteristics, instructor style/experience/expertise, time, and the learning content all require careful consideration. How do we know what to do when there are so many factors to consider?Please read through the entire task before getting started.Best Practices (10 pts) Team 1 (Ana and Art), Team 2 (Linda, Lisa, Time), Team 3 (Faith and Deanna), Team 4(Stephanie and Joel)

Criteria for Assessment
• follows directions
• best practices are written so that a designer can use them while desiging instruction
• checklist or matrix
• each practice is referenced